KOHAKU Quality

Reasons behind the unforgettable taste



“Batter” plays a decisive role in making a tasty tempura. 

The batter used at Kohaku is a unique mixture of various types of flours. Tempura using our batter has a delectable texture marked by crunchiness, crispiness and aromatic flavors. 

Our original batter defines Kohaku’s outstanding tendon recipes.




Kohaku has two secret sauce recipes.

One is rich but refreshing “Kohaku Sauce”, complete with just the right amount of brown sugar.

The other is appetizing “Spicy Sauce”, featuring original spices hitting the perfect spiciness.



The important thing in selecting ingredients is to specifically choose the one that tastes best in the target recipe.

At Kohaku, professional chefs personally try every single ingredient and carefully select the best ones for particular recipes.



Not all delicious rice brands taste best in a tendon rice bowl.

Kohaku carefully screened various rice brands from across Japan and selected “Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi” grown with minimum amount of chemicals.



Kohaku uses a special blended oil to make our tempura crispier and tastier. 

Furthermore, our kitchen features the cutting-edge water fryers that drastically reduce oil deterioration and retain the original flavor of the oil after long hours of cooking.